LACSTAR® Evaporated Milk (Unsweetened)

LACSTAR® Evaporated Milk (Unsweetened)
LACSTAR® Evaporated Milk (Unsweetened)

Lacstar® evaporated milk is a concentrated, unsweetened milk obtained by partially dehydrating skimmed milk, or reconstituting from a base of powdered milk and dairy ingredients followed by the addition of vegetable oil and sterilising at high temperature.

It is obtained by means of complete, controlled, hygienic processes in the most modern dairies in Europe, South America and Southeast Asia


Tins of 160 g / 170 g - cartons of 48 tins +/- 2200 cartons

Tins of 400 g – cartons of 48 tins +/– 1010 cartons

Easy opening

Shelf life

15 months

Store in a cool and dry place, 25°C Max.

Color Creamy White
Taste Typical, has the taste of high temperature pasteurized milk, no off-flavour
Odour Fresh, non-rancid, nor acid, nor tallow
Aspect Uniform, viscous, mild, moderate liquid, no free fat, no sediment, no coagulation, no foreign bodies.