Market insight

Our aim : To meet all your requirements

We work in synergy with Soufflet Group subsidiaries on a daily basis. Thanks to the complementary nature of our activities and customers, information about economic and business conditions in the countries where we operate is circulated quickly.
This is a key advantage which helps us both in our business approach and in understanding the constraints our customers face, as well as broadening our insight into our international markets.

For example, our ability to anticipate market fluctuations guarantees a response to our customers' needs and secures our long-term relationship with them.

Our sales staff are African market specialists. They constantly update their knowledge and keep abreast of market trends and changes so that you stay informed.
Lastly, Prolac has a strong business strategy that optimises supply costs and keeps volatility risks to a minimum.

Logistics expertise

Our aim : To deliver your goods to you anywhere, anytime 

Our three key words are Know, Analyse and Understand. By knowing, analysing and understanding your needs, we ensure that we meet your quality, quantity and logistics requirements as effectively as possible. Our team is able to call on the resources of a first-class network and so deliver solutions tailored specifically for your company: 

Our logistics specialists ensure on a daily basis that they keep abreast of your local market conditions and of any changes so that we deliver a service that lives up to your expectations.

We plan and organise shipments so as to optimise your stock management and meet your timing requirements.

Advice / Follow-up

Our role : Is not only to supply the best products at the fairest price.

But also to provide you with support and guidance in your sales processes and in the use of your products.

Working out of locations in a number of continents allows us to be operational and available, and to share with you the benefit of our comprehensive expertise across all markets.

Being in touch with all operators in the dairy world on a non-stop, daily basis means that we are also able to give our customers and suppliers specific and detailed information, and therefore provide relevant and customised advice.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by calling 33 (0)3 2539 4111 or sending an email to