Exporter of dairy products since 1995

A Soufflet Group subsidiary, we have been exporting a diversified range of dairy products, mainly towards the continents of Africa and Asia, for twenty years.

We use stringent criteria to select the most modern dairies in Europe, Asia and the Americas, from which we export quality products tailored to meet the demands of your market. 

Our dynamic and highly responsive France-based team is underpinned by the Soufflet Group's knowledge and its logistics assets outside France, and by the local sales offices that we also share with the Soufflet Group.


Customer satisfaction… Our aim is to gain the best possible understanding of your needs and expectations and of the specific characteristics of your market, so that we deliver appropriately tailored solutions that are right for you.
You can depend on us to be a reliable and secure partner. We attach great importance to face-to-face meetings, and will come and see you in person, provide you with information and advice, and support your business growth, analysing your markets so that we offer you exactly the right products. 

The best possible service… At Prolac, the logistics specialists, we guarantee delivery all year round, at the lowest possible price and with the shortest possible lead times. We tailor our approach to meet your different requirements and monitor the quality of the service we provide very closely.

A wide range of dairy products… From our very earliest days, we have served markets in Africa and around the Mediterranean, where traditionally there is high demand for dairy products. We have developed quality products that comply with food safety standards and meet consumer needs.


1995 : Prolac founded

1998 : The Lacstar instant milk powder brand name was launched

2002 :  Partnership set up with Latin Foods in Argentina

2006 : The website was launched

2010 : The Great Mountain vegetable fat-enriched milk powder brand name was launched

2015 : The new website was launched


Business volumes:

  • 2012-2013: 21,000 T
  • 2013-2014: 25,000 T


Growth in volumes: 20%

Regular operations in more than 20 African countries

Sales offices across the world: Argentina, Algeria, Cuba… as well as the other Soufflet Group offices.


Because it is part of the Soufflet Group, Prolac benefits from the expertise of a major food group, specialising in cereals and their primary processing.

A key operator in Europe and world-wide, the Group is a major player in cereal trading, milling, malting, rice, pulses, maize processing and products for agriculture and wine making.